Boomer in the Pew Reflecting on 2009

Ever wonder what it’s like to read the whole Bible? Boomer in the Pew did so last year. He says before last year he had spent his whole life with an inaccurate view based on “skimming across the water of God’s word.” He found it to be a rich experience and that’s encouragement for those of us getting into scripture. Sounds like he’s going to read it again this year. At my pace of 1 chapter every day (or two), I will definitely not be finishing the Bible this year. However, I think it’s worth chewing on Luke to start because it’s giving me a flavour of Jesus’ complexity.


2 responses to “Boomer in the Pew Reflecting on 2009

  1. People to People Ministries has a great New Testament in a year reading plan called Meet the Author. Each Friday we post a blog about the week’s chapters and open it up for discussion. Check it out at .


  2. I’m reading it this year too! 🙂

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